Our Impact

Since the launch of our cam­paign in 2008, we have heard from 110+ fam­i­lies in 33 states and 5 coun­tries who reached out to share how Count the Kicks helped their baby arrive safe­ly. Through years of out­reach and edu­ca­tion, the babies we have helped still inspire us the most. Meet a few of the babies your generous dona­tions have helped to save and hear what their par­ents say this cam­paign means to them.

There is no doubt that using the Count the Kicks app encouraged me to advocate for myself and my baby and helped me bring my precious girl into the world safely.”

— Gaitree R., Arya’s mom

I insisted that I needed to stay, that something was wrong because I knew how Kai normally moved and this was NOT OK. Only after strongly advocating to stay did the doctor agree to induce me. Thank­fully, I did deliver my son healthy, but with the cord around his neck and arm which was certainly restricting his movement. Kai-Dalton was telling me something was wrong, and I am glad I had the knowledge about his movement, so I felt empowered to speak up.”

— Vanessa O., Kai-Dalton’s mom

I am so grateful I had been tracking Piper’s movements with the Count the Kicks App because it supported my intuition that something was wrong, and that I needed to speak up on behalf of my daughter. I am also thankful for a medical provider who listened to my concerns and took the extra time to run additional tests before sending me on my way.

We know that if we hadn’t had all of the tools, intuition, and expertise that day that her pregnancy could have ended so very differ­ently. As Piper continues to grow and thrive from her premature arrival, we feel so incredibly thankful to have her in our lives and we pray for the same outcome for you and your family.”

— Kendra P., Piper’s mom

Although our sweet D.J.’s arrival was a bit more dramatic than we had antic­i­pated, we are happy to report that everyone is healthy and well. I am grateful that I continued to kick count using the Count the Kicks App, as it helped me bring my son into this world safely.”

— Star M., D.J.‘s mom

On July 22, our beautiful daughter, Aspen, arrived safely and is thriving. My husband and I are so grateful that my doctor shared the impor­tance of kick counting, had the Count the Kicks educa­tional materials, and was also willing to take my concerns seriously when I spoke up.”

— Shamari C., Aspen’s mom

I am thankful for the research I found and the Count the Kicks app. Through this infor­mation and the tips in the app, I discovered that it was important to note changes in movement, not just notice no movement. I now stress to all new moms to have the app, Count the Kicks every day, and notice their patterns. 

I cannot stress enough to trust your mom gut’ and go get checked for any change in their movement. My hopes are that all families can have happy endings just as we did.”

— Amber M., John’s mom